Friday, May 11, 2012

Nutone - A new revolution in ventilation fan technology

Nutone engineered new DC motors to be the most efficient yet. The 80 CFM models, at 5.8 watts, are almost 10 times more efficient than ENERGY STAR® requirements. For a fan running continuously, this means an annual savings of approximately $50 compared to ENERGY STAR® fans that just meet the minimum efficiency requirement*. The ULTRA Green™ Energy Saving DC Motor is available in both single-speed and multi-speed fans.

Nutone ULTRA Smart™ Control Technology continually monitors performance and adjusts motor speed to ensure you always get the right amount of air movement (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM), even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Nutone X2 multi-speed models feature a continuous CFM adjustment dial that allows you to precisely set the airflow as low as 30 CFM, avoiding costly over-ventilating. And a second dial beneath the grille controls how long the fan will run at maximum CFM. When the homeowner needs to leave the room and turns an X2 multi-speed fan back to the preset, lower continuous level, a timer dial controls how much longer it will run at maximum CFM to clear lingering humidity and odors. Both of these dials only need to be set once.

Most ventilation codes and green building programs require CFM ratings measured at 0.25" static pressure. ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fans deliver 0.1" performance well beyond 0.25". 80 CFM models maintain 80 CFM almost to 0.4".

Most fans with lights have dull, dingy lenses and obvious hot spots created by the light bulb. But with Nutone specially engineered ULTRA Lucent™ Lighting Technology, you get even lighting with maximum lumen output per watt.

The design of Nutone light lens distributes illumination evenly throughout the room with minimized bulb hot spots. All while using less wattage. In fact, Nutone's 36-watt fan/lights deliver the brightness (measured in lumens) previously requiring 60 watts of CFL output.

Nutone pioneered nearly silent bath fan technology with the QT Series. Now Nutone has taken it even further with Nutone ULTRA Silent™ Sound Technology. It starts with a quiet, dynamically balanced DC motor mounted behind the wheel. Then Nutone adds a state-of-the-art blower design that reduces turbulence and a free-flowing 6" duct outlet opening that won’t inhibit airflow, which can create unnecessary noise. The result is a series of fans that are HVI-certified at <0.3 Sones, the quietest sound rating obtainable.

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