Monday, June 4, 2012

Modern Fan: Selecting the Right Ceiling Fan

Here are some considerations in choosing a ceiling fan:

Style: The Modern Fan Co.’s ceiling fans are sleek metal sculptures that work well with modern, traditional or transitional architecture and décor. They are more streamlined than other ceiling fans because of designer Ron Rezek’s inventive way of using geometric forms and attaching the blades without brackets or clamps.

Size: In most rooms, our 52-inch blade span is the most appropriate selection. The 42-inch blade span should be reserved for smaller rooms or narrow spaces (10-foot-by-10-foot and smaller) or when airflow to the area above the blades is blocked or restricted by architectural elements (beams, walls, cabinetry, etc.). Occasionally, two 42-inch fans may be a desirable alternative to one 52-inch fan. Our Altus and Cirrus models are available with a 36-inch blade span for exceptionally small or narrow spaces.

Ceiling height also plays a factor in selecting a fan. The more space between the blades and the ceiling, the more effectively your fan will circulate and distribute air. However, building codes require that the blades of a ceiling fan be at least 7 feet above the floor. Generally, Modern Fan recommends hanging the fan as far down from the ceiling as is visually appropriate, while maintaining the 7-foot blade clearance above the floor. With higher ceilings, a good guideline is to hang it one-third of the distance between the ceiling and the floor. Keep in mind that optional light kits may add several inches to the overall length of the fan.

Attachment to the ceiling can be accomplished either with a down rod or a hugger. The Modern Fan Co. offers standard down rods, which are vertical poles that range from 3 inches to 72 inches. Down rods work best in rooms with high or sloped ceilings. For ceilings that are 8 feet high, Modern Fan designer Ron Rezek recommends using the hugger versions of Modern Fans, which are short sculptural pieces he designed to continue the style of the fans.

The blades on some models (Nimbus, Pharos, Halo and Cloud) are positioned at the top of the fan body. When hung with the shortest down rods, the blades on these models are very close to the ceiling, reducing the volume of air movement, as explained above. Consequently, these models are best suited for ceiling heights that can accommodate a slightly longer down rod.

Lighting: All Modern Fans have lighting solutions either integrated into the design or as options. For example, the Cirrus provides either general ambient light or directional down lights. The Pensi has a directional down light.

Most Modern Fans are available with a choice of standard incandescent or energy-saving compact fluorescent lamping. Our CFLs provide 75% energy savings and lamp life up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. While dependable for well-balanced, warm light, keep in mind our CFLs are not dimmable.

Quality: The Modern Fan Co.’s line has earned worldwide recognition for its distinctive design, smooth action and reliability. The fans are produced on company-owned tooling in the world’s leading ceiling fan manufacturing facility. There is quality control at every stage.

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