Friday, August 3, 2012

LED Color Temperature made easy

Cool (5000K)
Cool light provides maximum light output, is best for non color-critical applications, and looks like "moonlight."

Neutral (4000K)
Neutral Light provides good light output, excellent color rendering and looks like "daylight."

Warm (3000K)
Warm light provides less light output, excellent color rendering and looks more like "incandescent."

Color temperature simplified.
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) refers to the color appearance of a light source, ranging from cool (blue) to warm (yellow). Essentially, CCT, measured by the Kelvin scale, describes the way we perceive light.

Nominal CCT

Because the exact kelvin value of each LED can vary slightly from one to the next, nominal CCT defines an allowable range of variation. These variations are so slight that they are hardly noticeable to the human eye, which means that two LEDs may have slightly different CCTs, while still being defines as having the same Nominal CCT.
Perception is a powerful thing.
Color Rendering Index 9CR) measures a light source's ability to show colors "realistically" compared to a standard reference source. LEDs with the maximum CRI value of 100 would produce an extremely natural-looking environment.
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