Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sample Layout for electric floor heaters

Electric floor warming involves installing a heating element beneath your floor. Once it's activated, the heating element begins to warm your floor creating comfortable radiant warmth.

A premium solution.

  • Easy to install and customizable to fit almost any area.
  • Warms tile, stone, or laminate flooring.
  • Completely safe for home use.

The Industry’s Highest Quality Heating Wire

  • Oxygen-free copper heating elements (for flexibility and longevity)
  • High temperature thermoplastic insulation (for long-term corrosion, chemical and temperature resistance)
  • Metal grounding jacket (for safety)
  • Tough outer jacket (for added chemical and abrasion resistance)

Bathroom Sample Layout

SunTouch TapeMat Controller
SunTouch TapeMat 120V Floor Heater
SunTouch TapeMat Floor Heater

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