Sunday, March 10, 2013

Architects Choose Cooper Lighting As the Preferred Brand of Choice

Cooper Lighting, a leader at the forefront of transforming the lighting industry and setting an unmatched standard for innovation and reliability, is pleased to announce that it has been named the preferred brand of choice in the Lighting: Interior/Exterior category in Architect magazine’s 2013 Brand Use Study. The magazine is the official publication of the members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Surveyed Architect readers named Cooper Lighting as a brand leader in Brand Familiarity, Brands Specified/Used in the Past Two Years, and Brand Specified/Used the Most.

The 2012 Brand Use Study, sponsored by Hanley Wood, LLC, publisher of Architect, and conducted by the independent research company Readex Research, provides an in-depth look at the product brands used by Architect readers. Specifically, the study researches respondents’ familiarity with, use of and opinions about 593 brands in 45 product categories.

Readers were asked, with respect to the Lighting: Interior/Exterior category:
1. Which brands have you heard of?
2. Which brands have you specified / used in the last two years?
3. Which brands do you specify / use most often?

With respect to brand familiarity, Cooper Lighting was mentioned by 78 percent of all respondents – as high or higher than any other lighting manufacturer. Cooper Lighting was also listed by architects as the number one most frequently specified/used brand in the last two years. In addition, Cooper Lighting was named as one of the two brands specified/used most often among all lighting manufacturers. In summary, Cooper Lighting received more first place rankings than any other lighting manufacturer.

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