Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kim lighting expands microemitter® LED offering with bounce® lLED, era® lantern LED, entablature® LED and matrix LED

Kim Lighting, the premiere manufacturer of architectural outdoor lighting, announces the launch of its Bounce® LED, The Entablature® LED, Era® Lantern LED and Matrix LED luminaires and Matrix and The Entablature® HID to LED upgrade kits for area, site, and street applications. Era® Lantern LED is a transitionally styled luminaire that complements both traditional and contemporary architectural themes. Era Lantern LED adds a new dimension to applying the superior performance of Kim’s exclusive MicroEmitter® LED technology system.

Bounce® LED is a clean cylindrical form that harmonizes diverse architectural environments. The Bounce LED product line is designed to surpass tough demands, such as energy efficiency, glare control, light trespass, aesthetics and structural integrity.

Entablature® LED can be whatever the specifier wants it to be; a contemporary box luminaire reflecting the latest in industrial design, or an intriguing extension of the surrounding architecture.

Matrix LED Series is a comprehensive product family offering a wide range of mounting and performance features. The symmetric square body, pyramid roof, and fine detail produce luminaires of exceptional design flexibility. Matrix LED is Kim’s only square post top product capable of covering the center areas of large parking lots with one luminiare.

Bounce® LED, Era® Lantern LED, Entablature® LED and Matrix LED employ Kim Lighting’s exclusive MicroEmitter technology, which features unparalleled ability to capture and harness light using a patent pending optical system. The MicroEmitter optic shapes, directs, and tightly controls the beam of individual clusters of LEDs. The result is light placed only where it is needed, creating superior uniformity by minimizing overlapping horizontal footcandles, and in turn reducing energy waste. Furthermore the Entablature® LED and Matrix LED all feature an upgradeable EmitterDeck®, which allows for easy change-out in the field for existing HID Entablature® and Matrix installations and as LED technology advances.

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