Friday, May 31, 2013

Westinghouse Provides Energy-Saving Solutions

Westinghouse, as a provider of energy-efficient lamps, encourages every consumer to make wise and informed energy-saving lamp purchases. With that in mind, the Westinghouse offering of lamps has evolved to include the latest energy-saving technologies on the market today, including LED (light-emitting diode), compact fluorescent, reduced wattage fluorescent and Eco-Halogen lamp types. Keep in mind that the average household has more than 40 sockets for lamps, ranging from table lamps to ceiling fixtures.

By changing existing lamps to more efficient lamps, consumers will see significant benefits:
• Saving time and effort — Energy-saving lamps can last more than twenty years (LEDs), compared to about 11 months for a standard incandescent lamp.
• Saving energy and money — Energy-saving lamps cost less to operate than incandescent lamps.
• Saving the environment — Energy-saving lamps make a positive change for the environment by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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