Friday, August 30, 2013

Replace traditional wallpacks with LED. Same footprint. Better performance

Upgrading to LED is clean and simple. Wallpacks often leave an unsightly wall stain behind during replacement.Replace the old wallpack with the SLIM and you'll never know there was anything else there.

Medium and large SLIM wallpacks were designed to replace RAB HID wallpacks, both in size and footprint template, so upgrading to LED is easy and seamless. With up to 320W MH equivalency and 78 LPW, SLIM delivers the efficiency you want in LED. Get further savings with energy rebates.

High wattage SLIM wallpacks with glare-reducing microprismatic diffusion lens are available in standard or full cutoff versions which meets dark-sky requirements.

Hinged wiring access, bubble level for mounting and conduit entry from the back, sides and top make installation a snap. The IP65 rated SLIM's external gasket and wall standoffs have been designed to create an airtight seal, keeping water out of the fixture.

The unique design of the tight-lock gasket ensures no water or environmental elements will ever get inside the SLIM.
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