Friday, August 8, 2014

Smoke/CO Alarms Battery Powered (DC)

FireX® combination smoke/CO alarms utilize our exclusive Monox® CO Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics, a next-generation electrochemical technology with advanced design and functionality. Monox Sensors with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics perform an automatic gas test to ensure proper operation. Other CO alarms do an electronic test, checking only the electronics - not the sensor. Other sensors can fail – leaving the homeowner unprotected. 


  • EXCLUSIVE Monox® CO Sensor with True-Test™ Sensor Diagnostics – Verifies that carbon monoxide sensor is working properly, and warns when the sensor is nearing the end of its service life. 
  • EXCLUSIVE Automatic Monthly Self-Test – Alarm performs a silent internal system test to verify sensor operation. 
  • EXCLUSIVE Interconnect Test – In an interconnected system, this feature will alarm the local unit first, then quiet the local unit while the remote units alarm. 
  • Front Loading Battery Door – Eliminates battery handling during installation and allows for safe and convenient battery replacement. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Battery Pull Tab – Makes installation faster and easier, reducing callbacks due to battery failure. Simply pull tab, close door and press test button. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Latching LED Alarm Indicator – After a carbon monoxide alarm condition the single RED light on the triggering alarm blinks until reset. 
  • Smart Quiet™ Trigger Alarm Locator – Pushing test button quiets all alarms EXCEPT the one that triggered the alarm. 
  • Smart Quiet™ Low Battery Silencer – Silences low battery alert up to 10 hours. (10000 and 10000C only). 
  • Quick Quiet™ False Alarm Control – Quiets unwanted carbon monoxide alarms for up to six minutes. Dust 
  • Cover – Protects from dust, dirt, fumes or other common contaminant's during construction, reducing false alarms and callbacks.
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