Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Kind of Heater For Your Limited Space


Bare feet. Floor tile. Cold morning. That's when the advantages of Broan's® fan-forced heaters really hit home. These quality units are designed to deliver comforting warmth in seconds. But there's more to Broan heaters than comfort alone. They also can provide you with true zone heating capability. So you can leave your central thermostat set at lower levels for significant energy savings, while quickly creating your own personal comfort zone in the room you are in. Most models include built-in thermostats for automatic temperature control. Or choose from our extensive offering of accessory thermostats, timers and wall controls for the ultimate in convenient heater control.

BROAN 112 and 114 Series
BROAN 112 and 114 Series
Broan 112 and 114 Series 

Trimline Kickspace Heaters. If you don’t believe you have room for auxiliary heat, you haven’t seen Trimline kickspace heaters. They tuck under cabinet kickspaces, vanity bases, stairways or any place where space is limited. Consider them for light-commercial applications such as ticket/toll booths and checkout counters where ducting isn’t possible. 

Models               Watts and Amps at 120 Volts                   Heater Type

Models Watts and Amps at 120 Volts Heater Type
112                   750/1500W and 6.25/12.5 Amps             Fan-Forced Wall
114                   750/1500W and 6.25/12.5 Amps             Fan-Forced Wall

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