Friday, April 24, 2015

How To Install Lew Electric Countertop Box

Lew Electric Fittings Company 

Lew Electric is the leading manufacturer of commercial and residential floor boxes. Proudly serving the American industry since 1901.  It offers an innovative and versatile selection of floor boxes, designed to make use of power and communications convenient and attractive.
Lew Electric Pop-up style outlets can be flush mounted (recessed) or surface mounted into countertops or floors for a sleek, clean look.
Installation Instructions: 
Pop-up style outlet can be flush mounted (recessed) into countertop or surface mounted on top of the countertop. 

SUGGESTED WIRE GAUGE: 10 or 12 gauge stranded wire is preferred for flexibility of wire in box. Please adhere to local ordinances. 

Cutting the hole: 
A) For flush mounted, used supplied template on back of these instructions to measure the hole size, or make a cut 4 7/8” X 4 11/16” and rout down to a depth of 1/8”. From inside the routed area, cut another hole 3 13/16” square all the way down through the countertop. 
B) For surface mounted, cut hole 3 13/16” squared. No routing needed. 

Mounting the box: 
A) Always use supplied LEW stamped steel box (PUFP-WB.) 
B) Using conduit, make connections through hub knockouts in box. Preferred opening is the side end hole opposite of the push button. 
C) If 1.25” opening is needed, please use hole opening on the bottom of box. 
D) Box should be tight to the underside of the countertop. 
E) DO NOT mount box to top of countertop. The further the box can sit down underneath the countertop, the greater room for clearance between wires and the pop up mechanism. 

Making wire connections: 
A) Pull wires through the box and affix to proper slots on the termination block that is attached to the actual pop up unit. 
B) Make sure the wires are inserted deeply into the terminal, leaving no part of the wire exposed outside of it. 
C) Wrap the connections with UL approved electrical tape to ensure protection against hazards. 

Mounting the cover: 
A) Drop the cover into the countertop opening and use Phillips head screwdriver with supplied mounting screws. Fasten completely so that the cover will close when not in use. 
B) Deploy the PUSH button to open the lid for 1-2 seconds and expose the receptacle. To close the lid, depress the PUSH button while simultaneously closing the lid with your other hand. 

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